Monday, 22 August 2011

Saturday, 20 August 2011


In a day of diet cola, fake tanned, botox injected, plastic fantastic, fuck-book obsessed, here today gone tomorrow celebrities.  Take a moment and just think... this guy didn't have to try to be cool, he didn't
ask himself "do my converse trainers clash with my super dry shirt?".  No, he just rolled out of his pit and said "fuck you man"... He didn't buy into the latest cool...

Vintage Wassell Banana Tank For Sale

merlinmerkin blog

If you've got an old chop or hot rod and you're looking for a vintage headlight or tail light, then check this guy out his names Tito out of Sacremento Cali.  He turns out some quality stuff.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Most beautiful Bike of All Time

1970 Triumph Tiger, Most beautiful production bike of all time!
looks like hes got a pair of my bars too!!!!

Super Sweet Sixties Bars for sale

Just had a small batch of these super slim mini-apes made up.  Made in England, tripple chromed, with just the right amount of pull back.  Super slick lines.  7/8" only.
Fonzie would be jealous.... EHHHHH!
£45 takes a pair home.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Barn Find Weslake Engined Chopper For Sale

Barn fresh 8 valve Weslake engined Triumph rigid chopper, bobber, drag racer for sale.  850cc motor, 180 degree crank, 36mm amal carbs. TSX front end, Morris mag wheels, 1948 rigid frame(un-molested). Engine turns freely, realy would'nt take much to put this on the road.  Was running before put away in the 70's.  Literaly a phone books worth of history with this bike.  Good frame and engine numbers, comes with log book... Email me with offers over £6000

Monday, 15 August 2011

Drop Acid Not Bombs!

Borrani WM2 19" 40 spoke For Sale

Good solid Borrani For Sale.  Email me

Genuine Amal & Superpractic Throttles For Sale

Real nice collection of twin pull competition throttles.  1x NOS Amal, 1x barely used Amal, and one super clean Superpractic.... HENS TEETH!

Houston We Have Lift Off!

This has been a long time comming now... I buy and sell vintage rare and exotic motorcycle parts. If you've got something for sale email me a photo and details and i'll post it for free.  Fuck evil bay, don't pay to sell your stuff i'll do it for nuffin'!!!!!